Wooden Teak Outdoor Furniture for Garden

Feb 28th

Teak Outdoor Furniture – Teak wood is the noble wood par excellence as far as outdoor furniture is concerned. Landscapers, manufacturers and decorators agree to postulate it as the best choice thanks to its characteristics. Among the characteristics of teak, the most notorious may be the segregation of a conservative oil.

Teak oil acts as a prevention of drying and disease transmission. When the wood has been transformed into furniture, the teak oil maintains its characteristics and makes the teak a wood very resistant to the climatic changes and the affections of the wood. The result is a wood impermeable and insensitive to pests of termites or molds, perfect for the manufacture of teak outdoor furniture.

Recently its uses are being extrapolated to the interior design thanks to the beauty of its veins and its characteristic color. However, if for some reason the teak is known for its use in gardens thanks to its properties and the simple maintenance it requires. Since, thanks to its oil, the teak wood is a wood that does not need a very complicated maintenance, with the application of a layer of this oil per year is sufficient.

The stick that has this wood is its price. Given its characteristics and also that it is a very controlled wood, the teak is a wood that many consider expensive. Organizations and manufacturers have strived to end the exploitation and trafficking of this wood by imposing tight controls, which has meant an increase in price.

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In the gardens, in the end what prevails is the taste of each one, so there will be those who prefer the teak or the acacia, or, it can be decant by the plastic or the metal. But tips like these never go wrong when it comes to making a major investment like the teak outdoor furniture in our garden.

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