Treatment White Wicker Patio Furniture

Mar 2nd

White Wicker Patio Furniture – Taking into account that we have already entered and much in the good weather, in the time where it is hot, where we enjoy more outdoors than indoors, where we start to use garden furniture more than the living room sofa, is being timed to give a good overview of our beloved outdoor furniture to leave as new. If they are in bad condition will have to be restored, but do not worry, with a little paint or other similar product is more than enough. Rattan furniture is the favorite furniture by manufacturers to build garden furniture, this plant material is a creeper that grows in the tropical forests of the East, and is one of the strongest woods that nature gives us.

Another of the materials most used to create outdoor furniture of ethnic and exotic aspect is the white wicker patio furniture. Many people are confused to believe that rattan and wicker are the same, or even come from the same category. The wicker comes from the wicker plant, which is a shrub or tree of the willow family that grows in places where there is high humidity, as in the margins of lakes and rivers. This is why it is widely used to build garden furniture, although it should be said that both rattan furniture and wicker furniture, also serve both outdoor and indoor, it is their resilience and nature that makes them perfect to withstand the inclemency of time, that is why these materials are always associated with outdoor furniture.

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Prepare a salt water solution that is made up of one liter of water and one tablespoon of salt and clean them frequently with a sponge; when it dries, you will see that the white wicker patio furniture becomes whiter, more natural. There are also other specific chemicals to clean the wicker they sell in any drugstore like lemon oil. If we have tired of the natural color of the wicker, we can paint it with enamel paint to the water.

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