Tips Treatment Aluminum Outdoor Furniture

Mar 15th

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture – The furniture of steel, in spite of being more expensive, is a material that gives a design and elegance to the furniture that cannot be obtained with another type of materials. In addition, aluminum is a very hard material, which will give resistance to the furniture, a resistance to blows or scratches that do not have furniture with the aluminum structure or synthetic rattan. Despite this, many buyers of outdoor furniture are in doubt whether or not aluminum is suitable for exterior and if it can be oxidized. In order to clarify these doubts, it might be necessary to clarify the possible corrosion of steel and how it can be avoided.

Aluminum outdoor furniture is an iron-containing alloy. This iron can be found on the surface of the steel. On contact with oxygen and saltpeter (in areas near the sea), iron oxide (oxidation) occurs. In the case of aluminum, since it is not insensitive to corrosion, it is advisable to clean it once or twice a year with water and a mild soap. For daily maintenance use a soap solution containing a light acid. As preventive care, add an aluminum protector, light oil that protects and in turn clean. Aluminum with the proper treatment has good resistance against corrosion. Avoid abrasive sponges. Some outdoor furniture manufacturers have investigated techniques to eliminate the presence of oxide particles on the surface and perform an ELECTRO POLISH (EP) treatment on the steel.

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This EP what it does is to smooth the surface of the aluminum outdoor furniture and to eliminate the possibility that it is stored in iron particles so that the furniture does not oxidize in areas near the sea. Outdoor furniture that has this treatment can be exposed outdoors in sea areas without a problem. Of course, it is always highly recommended to clean the cabinet with fresh water or a wet cloth, to eliminate possible pollution (which may carry iron particles) and saltpeter stored on the surface of the furniture.

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