Soul and Style of Ashley Furniture Kids

Mar 2nd

Ashley Furniture Kids – Its name is said with reverence throughout the five continents. Well-known designer Laura Ashley, that her name has crossed borders.And began design British country style scarves in her London home.With the help of her husband, has become an emporium with an unmistakable style. The romantic designs, very shabby chic, very nineteenth century are her passion. For that we love for children’s bedrooms, adults and living rooms. The firm has been reinventing itself over the years, but always with its parameters of quality intact.

Wallpaper, embroidered cottons or dusty colors with flowers, are part of Laura Ashley’s catalog and although very difficult, we have selected ideas of luxury bedrooms of different styles, but without losing the Laura Ashley furniture kidslabel.

The British are the kings of the textile world. Its interiors dare with everything: large flowers, small flowers, brocade, and paisley. To that passion for textiles is joined by wallpaper, in Laura Ashley’s most sophisticated bedrooms wallpaper is a fundamental part. It is being very romantic with textures and glitter to complement the bedding.A signature classic, children’s bedrooms are a piece of land that Laura Ashley knows well. With their quilts and patchwork plaids in pink tones and white furniture, they are the perfect shabby chic for children.

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But there are children and children, the new shades of Laura Ashley furniture kidsbedding, show us that you have to renew yourself, with other colors less used in the color palette intended for the little ones and more fun drawings, more naive.And then there are those who only conceive of white sheets, almost like sleeping in a cloud. Exquisite embroidery, white cotton or bleached linen, no half-tint (or dyes) anything raw, broken white andwhite, white, that accepts amorous mattress blankets or soft covers of dusty tones. Laura Ashley is not out of fashion, still on the crest of the wave. And in these ideas above we can see that in their bedrooms sleep deluxe.

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