Rustic Modern Furniture Combination

Mar 4th

Rustic Modern Furniture Combination – If you like to mix different decorative styles in your house, how about doing it with furniture of modern style and old style? It is a very interesting way to dress your home and give it a unique personality. You can bet on a predominant style, for example modern, and add touches of rustic and retro furniture, or vice versa, with a more traditional decoration in which no contemporary details. Here are some ideas on how you can combine these seemingly disparate but very complementary environments.

One way through which you can introduce a rustic modern furniture combination without risking too much is by combining textures, shapes and colors and the like although they are furniture from different times. The contrast will be very effective but you may find it a more comfortable composition to make. The other alternative is precisely the opposite, that is to say, to introduce into the room elements with a very marked but very different aesthetics, such as a very old armchair with a vintage style that is accompanied by a state of the art floor lamp to create an unusual reading corner.

This way of decorating with rustic modern furniture combination from different times has several advantages. For example, it helps us to take advantage of decorative elements that we may have found in our grandparents ‘or our parents’ houses, full of symbolism and memories, that can serve to give a personal touch to the house even if it has a style, . It will be what makes it different, which distinguishes it from any other. As always I say, everything with moderation and elegance, with balance, since if it is not possible that the final result gives us an image of confusion and even disorder. You should be careful when decorating with rustic modern furniture combination, so you can have satisfactory results.

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