Rustic Lodge Furniture Ideas

Feb 28th

Rustic lodge furniture – Whether you are decorating a rustic lodge or just aiming for a similar atmosphere in your home, furniture can have a big impact. Because it fills so much visible in a room, furniture can turn the tone on and become a focal point. As you choose furniture, look for pieces with the same rustic, heavy feel of a mountain chase. Knotted tree; create the rough, slightly unfinished sense of handmade rustic lodge furniture with pieces that have a knotted wood finish. For a subtle look, blend in a single chair or table made of knotted pine. Look for models that have a simple, rustic construction.

If you want a more dramatic effect for larger rooms, choose rustic lodge furniture that has a knotted wood base and standard pillows. Raw, knotted wood furniture tends to be big and heavy and works especially well in a room with vaulted ceilings. Leather upholstery; If you wish to create a lodge design that is more upscale-rustic, look for leather-up furniture. Leather furniture tends to be expensive so depending on your budget, you can choose a full suite or a single piece. Choose furniture that is well-designed; if you want a living in look, buy used furniture and replace chair hardware for a vintage feel. A single quality piece of leather upholstered furniture can be used for a reading hook or a lodge library for a rich feel.

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Rich colors; Rustic lodges are rarely decorated in bright shades or blooming patterns. When looking for rustic lodge furniture, choose rich, deep colors like maroon, forest green and brown. These to mimic shades of the forest. If you prefer a lighter palette, look for shades of brown from camel and sand to chocolate brown. Choose robust fabrics that look like they will encounter traffic from hunters for an authentic feeling. Texture; Elements of rustic lodges often use texture in their design and decor: wooden structure or stone fireplaces, egg. When choosing rustic lodge furniture, look for upholstery that has consistency; Fabrics that are too slippery can look in a rustic atmosphere. Choose fabrics like jute linen, velvet trousers or even suede for a more exclusive look.

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