Relaxing Rustic White Bedroom Furniture

Mar 2nd

Rustic white bedroom furniture – To see them is to love them. So captivating are each of these rustic bedrooms. From traditional to those of alpine character or the most romantic. You will not want to get out of bed! There are scenarios that, by themselves, invite rest. And when it comes to rustic bedrooms, even more. What is it that they have to relax us just seeing them? How do they get us to lower revolutions instantly? It is the reassuring (and magnetic!) Power of your natural environment, whether of field or mountain, which sneaks in. Maybe that’s why the rustic style is living a second youth. Or was it third?

Forget about dreary dormitories, with dark and heavy furniture and small windows through which light hardly enters. Even the most traditional rustic white bedroom furniture – with untreated stone walls, mud floors and dark wood – has been washed face to adapt to the new decorative standards: more clarity, comfort and lightness. If you want your bedroom to breathe a rustic atmosphere, first of all, do not be afraid to abuse the wood: beams, ceiling, floor, furniture … If you enjoy abundant natural light, you can bet on varieties of intense tones, but try to compensate Visual weight with walls or textiles in light tones. And, if you have views, give them a leading role! Choose light and vaporous curtains that let the landscape glimpse.

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On the other hand, if you prefer a rustic white bedroom furniture style, with a romantic inspiration and a feminine patina forget about the dark woods and bet on the clearest varieties and finishes pickled. As for furniture, do not be afraid to include French-made pieces, such as chairs with cabriole legs, comfortable bellies or sinuous and upholstered headboards. do you aim for this peculiar journey?

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