Painting Ikea Kids Furniture

Mar 6th

Ikea kids furniture – Painting children’s furniture is a way to extend the life of the furniture and give it a new life. This can be especially useful when refurnishing used furniture you received from someone or if you take an older child’s furniture and give it to a younger sibling. You have to be careful, however, to use the correct color and tools to determine the furniture is safe for your child.


Read the manufacturer’s instructions for ikea kids furniture, if available. The manufacturer will tell in the instructions (perhaps in the installation instructions, especially for a cot) if the wood can be painted. Some furniture may have a clear protective coat on it, which may need to be sanded and removed before any additional paint is applied. Take furniture to a well-ventilated area to be ground and apply the new layer of paint. Place some rags or tarpaulins to protect the floor from sand and paint. Sand outside any previous coatings of paint on the furniture. Be sure to smooth out any uneven edges or stains as well.

Brush any residual dust particles from ikea kids furniture and dust the entire furniture to ensure that all sand particles are removed. Apply lead-free latex-based paint to any color of furniture. Leave the furniture at least 24 hours to dry. Inspect the furniture to make sure all stains have been carefully painted and apply a second layer if necessary. Allow the furniture to air dry and ventilate for several days before moving it into the child’s room. (This will eliminate the amount of toxins in the room.)

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Tips and warnings

Latex-based colors usually have less poison in them than enamel-based colors. Use a safe, lead-free paint. Paint the furniture in a well-ventilated area while sanding and painting to avoid harmful smoke in your home near your children. Allow the furniture to air out for at least 3-4 days after it has dried to be Make sure all the fumes have been removed before you take it into the child’s room.

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