New Proposals Boys Bedroom Furniture

Mar 4th

Boys bedroom furniture – Hello guys! Do not miss any details of these new proposals decor boys bedroom we selected this time. An open dressing room, a trundle bed and a study table with dressing table create the ideal bedroom for a teenager. Look at all your ideas! Make the bedroom of a teenager is tidy without losing personality and have space to have everything you need: from your collection of necklaces to photos of your friends, plus clothes and many accessories .The bedroom has been divided into three areas – rest, study table and dressing room – and each has its own storage solutions. Thus, the space under the window has been used with a table the small papers.

In parallel, the boys bedroom furniture area has a lot of hidden storage. On the one hand, low cabinets provide their entire bottom to keep from quilts to cushions. And, on the other hand, the headboard hides a zone of drawers inside. The closet occupies an adjoining room in which doors have been dispensed with. Being an open closet is easier to fall into clutter, so it is organized based on boxes with drawings of its content. Everything has its personalized box: boots and dancers, down; Scarves, shirts and underwear, in the middle

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And in the upper area, the hangers with the clothes that more wrinkle hung. Inside the closet, everything is thought to detail: hangers and shelves lined with paper and a cloth bag to keep the socks. In all the environment, white, green water and pink and mauve touches are the main colors. White, on walls and floor, is a perfect base that gives light. The green water, in furniture and base, a refreshing and relaxing note for a restful stay; And the rose in small doses, puts a warm and romantic touch to the boys bedroom furniture.

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