Living Room Furniture Layout

Feb 27th

Living room furniture layout – If you are planning to buy new furniture for your living room, then chances are you have been thinking about the layout of furniture in your mind or else you might think of repeating the same old layout with just a piece of new furniture. In this article I will show you a simple method to create the most effective layout for your living room. Before we begin there are a few points to consider. The living room is always a transition period. This means that the entrance to all the other rooms is located in the living room. Another bedroom, dining room, kitchen etc can be accessed through the living room, there is room enough “turnover” for family members is a must.

Remember if you try you will easily get on lest 10 layouts for the same living room furniture layout space. You will be amazed at how many combinations are possible. Also imagine the pieces of furniture you already have, or you can replace the table in the bedroom with one in the living room. How about keeping it vertical rather the horizontal plane. Whatever you do keep one thing in mind. Always keep the human movement hindered. The people who pass through the room in other rooms must be able to pass without cutting vision if you talk to other people in the living room.

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That’s why these pencil lines were drawn. After you have pulled pieces of living room furniture layout into the space plan, change the travel lane. Now, this will streak around furniture, mostly in the corners. Travel Lane will now be on the edge of the furniture shapes. Besides the efficiency there is another factor called as visual balance while designing furniture layouts. Finally look good for you. Are you familiar with the final layout. Visual balance is achieved by making use of most of all the walls of the living room with decorative elements such as painting, color scheme, etc. So if you follow the system from scratch you will surely be able to create a beautiful living space in the shortest time possible. I hope this article has helped you find more creative ways to make work more efficient.

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