Let’s Choose Comfortable Outdoor Furniture Cushions

Feb 28th

Outdoor furniture cushions – Garden furniture with cushions really from outside? Are all the cushions used in the garden sofas really for the outside? What does it mean that a cushion is prepared for the exterior ?, Is being outside means that it is waterproof? What types of outdoor cushions are there? An outer pad is normally formed by the inner padding and by the fabric covering the padding and both may be of different characteristics. Let’s look at the different types of cushions that are usually put on garden furniture, and for this we will see the different types of fillings and the different types of fabrics, their advantages and disadvantages.

Foam fillers, this type of fills is widely used in the manufacture of outdoor cushions. Foams are the same as those used in indoor mattresses, and are usually classified by their density. The most commonly used are 20 kg / m3 and 25 kg / m3. The more Kg per m3, the harder the outdoor furniture cushions will be, but the longer it will last over time. Cushions with foam fillers are usually the most comfortable, although these types of foam have some problem (can be removed) to be outside.

Wadding fillers usually use fabrics that let the water, such as textile or batyline, which is a very resistant and non-elastic micro perforated fabric, which is also used a lot in aluminum garden chairs and sun loungers. The advantage of cushions made from textiles and wadding is that they can get wet; the water drains quickly and is easily cleaned with a ballet. The drawback is that they may not be as comfortable as outdoor furniture cushions that use foams. It is a much extended solution, as the comfort of the foam is maintained, but on the outside an additional layer of wadding is put on, to separate the foam from the fabric. Inconvenience: Water is still stored inside.

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