Kids Furniture IKEA in Natural Theme Choice

Mar 2nd

Kids Furniture IKEA – Nature has been a source of inspiration for decoration for centuries, so today we continue to see ideas as great as the one of this children’s room created by Aprilandmay with IKEA furniture. We have already seen other beautiful children’s rooms inspired by the forest. The wood, the green and brown tones and the natural touch are the protagonists, and above all the simplicity that exists only in nature, where the superfluous disappears.

In the play area we see a small wooden table, some black stools and small playmates. One in the form of a teddy, with that owl, and the other a big bear that looks at us from the wall. The tones are those that are present in nature, so that this inspiration becomes more present.

Storage has always been one of the best courses of the firm IKEA. And that kids furniture IKEA have ideas to adapt to all spaces and homes. A simple wooden shelf is suitable for all kinds of spaces, and a very versatile piece that we can also renew when we want, with a coat of paint. We also see a very DIY and economic idea. The one of putting together boxes of wood to make a shelf, painting them of different colors, in this case several shades of green.

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As it could not be otherwise, we find ourselves in this child’s room with the IKEA Kura bed, the one that has a lot of IKEA hacks. In this case they have not modified much, only have added textiles that give a natural touch, as if it were a cottage, with shades like beige or green. And we also have the moose-shaped wooden rocker, a detail that combines perfectly with the theme of the room. What did you think of this inspiration with kids furniture IKEA?

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