Increase the Capacity of Kitchen Furniture for Small Kitchen

Mar 6th

Kitchen furniture for small kitchen – Probably, dream of a big every home fries and a well-equipped kitchen. It seems that under such conditions is much easier and more fun to cook, as close to working kitchen and turning something nowhere.  Also it is not so convenient to place all the necessary tools. But we hurry to tell you some tricks with which you can increase the capacity of even the smallest kitchen cabinets that allow you to perform miracle cooking without crowding up any space. Use the apron area; this zone is located between the external and box-mounted headset modules. In most cases this part of the wall remains unused, as literally negligible about literally every centimeter of the kitchen on a strict account.

You can make a workplace more functional, if you hang in the area of apron tunic with spoons, spatulas and beans. Additionally, it can conveniently fit paper towels holder. Prefer open shelves for kitchen furniture for small kitchen; Kitchen appliances with open shelves not only save time cooking, but will also make the kitchen more internal light and airy visually. In addition, you can put on these shelves all cans of spices and herbs that serve as worthy and appropriate to complement the design. Magnet strip as an option to stand under the knife; if your kitchen works, the divorce is a modest part of the knife in it – it’s not only uncomfortable but also insecure. Therefore, suggest saving space and protecting yourself with special magnetic strips.

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That can easily attach to the wall. Or can also to the fixed part of the kitchen fitting. Corner drawers for kitchen furniture for small kitchen; if you are only planning to order a kitchen set, recommend that you pay attention to angle models. Previous corner kitchen was “dead zone”. The modern kitchen can include angle boxes, which occasionally increases the capacity and improves storage headset. By the way, the vertical (narrow) boxes will not be superfluous: they can put a bottle of wine, oil and vinegar. Additional modules; If the work surface (table top) is large enough, and storage space for pans is missing then this issue is very easy to solve with the help of extra-canister modules that can be purchased separately or arranged.

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