Ikea Baby Furniture Ideas

Mar 3rd

Ikea baby furniture – Any wood finish or ikea baby furniture you want to use will work for a girl bedroom. If you use a theme or color scheme, the furniture should complement this decor. For example, a light pink and chocolate brown color scheme would complement a dark brown furniture set. Avoid filling the room with furniture as she really does not need so much furniture yet. A crib, chest of drawers, shelves and rocking chair (for you) are good. Save some space in the room for her to play as she gets bigger. Use as many customization pieces as you can to get used to them.

For example, use a portable or moveable changing table on a chest of drawers instead of buying completely different ikea baby furniture for the changing table.  Use low shelves for toy storage that can be stacked when older to be used as a bookshelf. If you have a boy or one will arrive in the near future, a nautical theme for the bedroom can be on your list of possible decorating systems. Nautical themes add a happy note to the rooms and are cheap to construct. Many shops and specialty stores store shipping theme ex interior so you can choose from a range of materials to create just the right look for your little sailor.

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Modern chic consists of ikea baby furniture that can be bought at any big box store. Your overcoat could have any design: flowers, twists, dots. For a really modern room, paint three walls one color, for example white, and have a colored accent wall on the same wall the bed is on. Using bare colors against each other will add modern feelings like red and white or white and chocolate brown. If you do not want an accent wall, simply change the accent piece to your bed. Choose a one-color blanket and use playfully decorated pillows to line the head of the bed, or vice versa. Walls should be decorated with simple, lacquered frames that rub in an interesting pattern, for example in a square or one on top of the other in groups of three and three.

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