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September 18, 2018 Kitchen Furniture

How To Choose Kitchen Furniture

Kitchen Furniture – The furniture is the essence of the kitchen. How to choose them without mistake? We list the most common kitchen furniture materials with all the pros and cons. Start by distinguishing between the material from which the furniture itself is made and the covering. It is the combination of these two factors that will make you right in your decision. The base of the agglomerate. Composed of wood residues compacted with resins or glues. It is very cheap and presents a great variety of colors and textures. Agglomerated furniture can only be smooth, without frames or moldings. Make sure that it is water repellent, that is, waterproof, otherwise, it may become swollen. Solid wood panels, made from very thin layers of solid wood superimposed.

Kitchen Furniture Style

Kitchen Furniture Style

They are so expensive that some manufacturers do not even sell them. PVC or poly-laminated. They are folios of vinyl, smooth and imitations of wood. They resist badly over time and changes in temperature can cause the vinyl to peel off. Another counter is that imitations of vinyl wood may also seem unnatural. Melamine or low-pressure laminate (LPL). It is an economical option and with good resistance to wear. The downside is that the finishes on the kitchen furniture edges may not be what you expected. With this material, the finishes are only in matt. Laminated furniture (or fornicate): they are a somewhat more expensive option but also very resistant to water, heat, shock or scratches. The defect is that they only have smooth surfaces.

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Thermo structured (textured): it is an ideal option if you want a piece of furniture that looks like solid wood without being it. The final texture is rough. Lacquered furniture. They are made only with a base of DM boards or medium density fibers. The better the lacquer, the better the kitchen furniture. Slightly resistant to bumps but can be repaired. Furniture made of aluminum or stainless steel. We are accustomed to seeing this material in professional kitchens, but you can also combine it with yours with other more natural finishes in wood or softer pastel colors.

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