Hanging Kitchen Pantry Furniture

Mar 15th

Kitchen pantry furniture – A hanging gear rack is not only visually appealing, it frees cabinet space and holds the necessary tools at hand. Hanging a curtain rod, with decorative end buds, over the sink, you can store freshly wiped tools where they can dry.


How to Make a Utility Rack

Measure the length of the space where you want your rack to hang for kitchen pantry furniture. Use the stud locator to make sure you measure over a roof beam. Mark a place about six inches in from each end of the length of your joke. Measure and cut, with arc file, curtain rod to the length of the designated space minus the length of the end buttons. Linda plumber tape around the ends of the rod and push end buttons in place. Use glue to attach the flag pole to the cut end of the bar if necessary.

Drill small holes on the two marks in the ceiling beam, and screw an eye hook in each. Hang the rod by attaching two S-hooks. Slide the other end of each S-hook into an eye-hook. Use pliers to close both ends of the S-hook. Drill a small hole in each plastic box, if it does not already have one. Slide the remaining S-hooks over the curtain rod and close the top end with the pliers. Hook the lower end of each S-hook through a hole in a plastic sheath to hang.

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Kitchen pantry furniture was made mainly of chrome and had smooth corners. Wooden pieces were painted to match the interior of the room. Green and red were two popular shades. Furniture rested on patterned linoleum floors, many of which gave birth to a strong art deco look. It was a distinguished designer during this period, famous for his elegantly designed chairs, among other plays. To fully complete, incorporate period pieces and original art from the era. Colored glass pieces were a great decorative element of this period, and today the Depression-era glass is often quite expensive.

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