Get Really Magical Ideas Baby Nursery Furniture Sets

Mar 6th

Baby nursery furniture sets – Do you like the idea of ​​having personalized children’s furniture? That is, current furniture, even the most economical, turned into a unique piece and “design” thanks to our creativity and commitment. Today we bring you ideas to copy: cabinets, stools, side tables, tables and chairs … we are sure that these children’s furniture will surprise you … can we see them? How lovely of cabinets of the main picture! They are certainly unique, with those silhouettes of buildings that function as doors. Do you know how they are made? They are a library Billy de Ikea to which they have added the doors made in MDF (cut to size and with the shape of the building by a carpenter) do you like the idea?

For those looking for a more vintage look in baby nursery furniture sets decor or economical options and reuse, recycled wood boxes will be a perfect choice. We can add some wheels and decorate them with a little paint to make some fun toy goblets. another idea is to hang them on a wall as a shelf. If we want to customize them we can paint them with a little chalk paint, we will get a very sweet vintage effect, but you can also lining the interior with fun stamped paper background, decorate them with fabrics and tapes or just leave them as is. Background paper for each cube to keep a type of toy will add color and be very fun. But we can also play with shapes that fuse the shelf with some element painted on the wall like the tree or the clouds of the image.

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The wash tape or the paint can be very useful to us to provide some original form to our simple shelf. With a little imagination, we can get really magical baby nursery furniture sets for our children and also we will achieve a greater motivation and will be simpler that they are involved in the tasks of collection and order of the space. We do not have to spend large amounts of money, do not count on huge rooms, just good space planning and some good ideas can lead to spectacular toy rooms. And finally, if you want to keep up with the news of the blog, do not hesitate to follow us through Feedly .

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