Full Of Ideas Kitchen Hutch Furniture

Mar 1st

Kitchen hutch furniture – A change in layout and materials resulted in a more complete and luminous kitchen. On same meters of old kitchen rises this new space, where a comprehensive reform was carried out that affected both coatings and distribution. A change that sought to catch all natural light and create a complete kitchen with office where there was no lack of detail. Thus, dining room is part of kitchen but has a relative intimacy thanks to its strategic location. When we approached distribution, we considered that each zone would assume a function, but without color changes, only white lacquered high gloss as a common point.

Surrounded by three fronts that draw kitchen hutch furniture, a relevant piece in which it was decided not to incorporate cooking zone. In this way it is clear, without obstacles that stop view of whole. With this decision, we have a place to work and a great storage capacity. Also, in one of angles we thought it was ideal to place a flown wooden shelf to win another office. Serves for breakfast or fast food and avoid doing it on countertop, colder. This area is lit promptly with a ceiling lamp. Parallel front assumed functions of washing and cooking, with bell integrated in ceiling, “to cook and to enjoy view”.

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As for other two fronts, perpendicular to island, one was destined to storage, with integrated ovens and, last; occupy two refrigerators, one exempt and another integrated. L-shaped plant made it possible to have an office that is integrated into whole, but also enjoys relative independence. Then we placed kitchen hutch furniture on shorter side and gave it privacy by separating it with two parallel fixed crystals. To highlight them, we plan to decorate them with stickers of vegetal designs. It is an area that enjoys a great luminosity. We replace one of walls by a large sliding glass door, which integrates exterior in office.

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