Exclusive Bobs Furniture Kitchen Table

Mar 5th

Bobs furniture kitchen table – Do you have a place to put an office in the kitchen? Do not think twice! It is superpractic and very comfortable. Whenever possible, locate the office in the brightest area of ​​the kitchen. In this office that you will find in the gallery of images, interior designer Ricardo Fonta has won the space of the glazed gallery to place a table for four people. The shades cast the direct sun of midday. An office table somewhat higher than normal (about 90 cm instead of 75 cm high), will serve both to eat and prepare food and you will take more. Replace the chairs with tall stools that you can keep under the table.

Enter the gallery of images and see how a glass partition, by the architect Albert Blanch, has made a narrow and dark kitchen look wide and bright. The wall has a practical shelf at the bobs furniture kitchen table: ideal to leave dishes and fruit while eating. Ikea banks take advantage of the corner of this kitchen to create a small office in just 2 m 2. The height of the benches, about 45 cm, does not interfere with the light or the views of the windows. A light table with forging foot completes the office.

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Choose the bobs furniture kitchen table for those who are at home but extendable to be practical when there are guests. In this office that you will see in the image gallery, the old tocinera table has the folding tables. To win extra seats, complete the set of chairs with some folding. There are more people in the round tables and the conversation is encouraged. In this reform of the architect Josep Marsal – in the gallery of images -, the office next to the window has a lot of light. The chairs, made of plastic braid, are very practical in houses with children.

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