Distinctive Characteristic of Rustic Furniture Style

Feb 27th

Rustic furniture – Do you want rustic room decor ideas? One of the oldest decorative styles and with more years of travel is the rustic style. The rustic style is a very characteristic style that is usually used in country houses, in the large farms, farms or houses that can remind us of those of yesteryear. In this decoration are used typical materials of the field, like the stone and the wood that we will find in facades, chimneys and beams. As far as rustic furniture is concerned, it is usually wooden furniture with moldings and forging.

On the other hand, the decorative elements that are typical of this decoration, are costumbristas ornaments and typical of the country life, such as metal cubes, candelabra, lanterns, clay vases, etc. When we talk about the decoration of rustic rooms we can see how all these characteristics are present, and not only that, we must add one more, and is that the most important piece of rustic furniture rooms is usually the fireplace.  An example of a room designed around the fire, with two antique-looking armchairs on side and side. Wood and stone are present in walls and supports, reinforcing the rustic decoration of this room.

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The rustic decor can also integrate some modern ideas, as is the case of this room with glazed walls facing the garden. Curious are the structural partitions, made with tree trunks. We seem to be in the middle of the same forest. An example of a living room built around the stone and brick fireplace. The sofas are placed in a U shape, in front of it. The lanterns on the side and side of the fireplace and the 5-candle candlestick on top, help create ambience. A simple idea in the decoration of rustic furniture rooms is to place an elongated table on the back of the sofa. As the rooms are usually so large, it can be a good way to take advantage of that space as a storage space.

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