Cozy Rustic Kitchen Buffet Furniture

Mar 6th

Kitchen buffet furniture – natural materials such as wood, stone, pottery and wicker are used in this style. In addition to these materials, fabrics such as cotton, fur and linen are widely used for the lining of furniture and accessories typical of rural houses and rustic style. The furniture with turned wood and exquisite antiques is the pieces that complete this romantic look. When thinking about rustic kitchens, many come to mind kitchen furniture in dark and sturdy wood. However, this image is more than outdated. Nowadays, rustic kitchens are much more than simple kitchens with rustic wooden fronts. Of course, rustic kitchens still have a rural and country setting – unlike modern designer kitchens. But with the passage of time, these kitchens have been modernized, reinventing the classic rustic style.

Most kitchens that follow this kitchen buffet furniture style are characterized by warm and neutral colors, natural materials, and a special attention to small details. They are also characterized by matt surfaces, solid wood fronts, and metal knobs. Whether woods in natural colors, or painted in neutral colors such as black, white or khaki: the front of the wooden furniture with a matt lacquer, and framed with a thick frame, are the basic elements of the kitchens of Rustic style.

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Rustic kitchen buffet furniture offers – unlike the empty atmosphere of modern and minimalist kitchens – a cozy and very pleasant atmosphere. These kitchens are the center of family gatherings, where you feel at ease eating and chatting together. The most modern rustic kitchens reinvent the more traditional and classic look of the rustic style: black or white fronts , a kitchen island with ceramic hob, and other small details that mix exquisitely the typical rustic look with modern elements . Modern rustic kitchens are the perfect combination of rural and contemporary.

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