Cool Kids Furniture Ideas You Had No Idea About!

Mar 4th

Kids furniture – The shortage of meters is no longer a problem. Custom furniture with large storage capacity, triple beds, bunks-train and multitude of shelves are some of the keys to take advantage of the space. You look at the room, you make a mental outline with everything you need … and you come down because nothing will fit! Do not worry: this is a common reaction, but it has a solution. If you are planning your future child’s room or you want to give a little back to your little one because it is not functional here we give you a lot of ideas specially designed for a few meters.

Convertible kids furniture, designs that take advantage of up to the last millimeter, solutions to store in the most unsuspected places … Take note of these tips and the gallery of images and make the most of the smallest room of the house.  For rooms with little space is a perfect choice to store. And if you can afford it … Instead of drawers, install another bed so your children can invite their little friends to sleep. They may be expensive at first, but they are the best option to take advantage of every millimeter. Do not discard them.

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The kids furniture is very original and fun pieces that help you create a great children’s decoration for children’s rooms. They are fun complements that will allow you, also, to have additional storage spaces for your toys or disguises. When you plan your child’s room, think of tomorrow: cribs that turn into beds, changers that evolve into desks, carpets that will be playgrounds. In small bedrooms it is important that everything is tidy. Have resources so that it is: labeled boxes, wicker baskets, trunks with wheels. Although there are no meters, you can get a roomy room with some tricks. Paint the walls in clear tones, even the parquet, and try to dress the bed with a white bedspread.

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