Best Saving With Kitchen Storage Furniture

Mar 5th

Kitchen Storage Furniture – In older homes, in addition to having much larger kitchens than today, they also used to have a pantry in which to store non-perishable food and various utensils. Nowadays, with increasingly smaller kitchens, it is vital to design them correctly at a functional level so that they can store everything necessary for the day-to-day life without becoming overwhelming. When designing the kitchen storage, we can choose to leave the objects seen or hidden. The second option will always be cleaner visually speaking, but if you take care and maintain a certain aesthetic order it is always possible to show the goods and food in sight without giving up the design.

Be it wood, cloth, wicker or metal, as we saw in the case of bathrooms, boxes give a lot of game in the storage of kitchens, since they allow storing a multitude of small appliances avoiding a sense of chaos. We can place them on shelves, above the kitchen storage furniture, in shelf holes or helping the overall design of the kitchen through its strategic placement on the walls. Today the biggest innovation in storage kitchens comes from the furniture themselves: Chests and dressers large with perfectly designed for each type of covered compartments, crockery, saucepan or casserole, or narrow modules for storage of bread, bottles or covered, are most practical. Its function, rather than expanding storage (which is not expanded by its presence).

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Is to make life easier for us by making access to food easier. The removable trays and corner modules are often the best examples. Both the shelves that can be placed on a wall and the holes that can be left in the kitchen storage furniture help above all to bring lightness and warmth to the kitchen decoration. They are ideal for placing jars of the same type or size, spices, books or utensils. For better access, some of them consist of shelves attached to the doors allowing a better distribution and access to food.

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