Best Mid Century Modern Furniture

Feb 27th

Best Mid Century Modern Furniture – Our romance with Mad Men has rekindled the madness of modern mid-century furniture and decorations. Since it became popular in the 50s, the mid-century modern style has always had very loyal and loyal collectors and enthusiasts. Its eternity is the result of an unequaled combination of elegant lines, functionality, and joy. It is also very interesting to note that the modernist aesthetic was born after World War II when the economy around the world was in a bad state and people were just beginning to rebuild their lives nothing very different from the climate that is today.

To delve into the mentality of best mid century modern furniture thinks in terms of clear lines, interesting shapes, bright colors, details of wood, and revolutionary materials. You do not necessarily need to go completely to the Mad Men, it’s easy to incorporate a few pieces from the middle of the century with more contemporary decor for an elegant touch of fantasy. Simple changing like removing hardware from kitchen cabinets and getting rid of ornate moldings around kitchen doors and windows. Emphasizes interesting linear shapes and plays with texture. For example, woven woolen upholstery with glossy wood material or metal frames, a large rug on a finished wood floor. In other words, a mixture of hard and soft, matt and gloss, transparent and opaque, etc.

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If you are not ready to redo completely, you can easily revive your surroundings with vintage light or best mid century modern furniture. Consider striking candelabra or a few lamps well placed in a space of the time. There are also loads of impeccable 50s paintings, trinkets and wall pieces. Local flea markets and antique shops are a great place to start, and from time to time you can find good bargains or a hidden gem in a thrift store. The beauty of this less approach is more is that it encourages you to suppress things you do not need something that most of us struggle with constantly.

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