Beautiful Wicker Bedroom Furniture in Home

Mar 4th

Wicker bedroom furniture – To natural fibers, we can add color by interlacing colored threads in the weave but one of the properties of the wicker. Choose the right products to clean your wicker furniture, as if they were a piece of furniture, you can wipe a damp cloth with furniture products. Thus they recover their natural color without getting too wet. Remember that the wicker if it gets wet gets swollen and then dry. Cleaning them is a very easy task, hand the rag and that’s it! Excess moisture can cause the material to become too brittle and get a grayish hue, which will affect the surface and spoil the fibers of the material, so its strength and durability will decrease accordingly.

Wicker bedroom furniture and chairs are usually accompanied by nice tables made of the same material. Whether they are coffee tables or auxiliary tables, the complete set of wicker furniture cannot be missed. If you have a large enough space, you can add a wide wicker sofa. Adorning it with beautiful cushions in white and cream colors, the result is a game of the most elegant and personal. A little imagination, some wicker baskets and a little paint will be enough to adapt to a lot of very different styles. We can also customize our baskets with ribbons, lace, pompoms, fabrics or other elements.

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Another original and fun way to use the wicker bedroom furniture to decorate is to create nice compositions on the wall. We can choose pieces of different sizes and shapes that follow the same style and … voila! Those who already know me … you will know that in my house cannot miss the plants! So another decorative use that we can give the wicker and could not miss coming from me … are baskets as pots! What do you think? Do you like me as much as me?

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