Ashley Furniture Kitchen Tables Ideas

Mar 5th

Ashley furniture kitchen tables – A family meal at the kitchen table is a classic American scene. Families across the United States prepare for the day at breakfast or share stories at dinner around the kitchen table. Numerous other uses for the kitchen table include crafts, homework and cooking. A family of nine may find it difficult to find a seat solution that works. It can also be difficult to accommodate nine people when guests arrive for a meal. The key is flexibility and openness to try new ideas or just fine with another spot at the table.


Clean the Ashley furniture kitchen tables on all the furniture. Place the round table in the middle of the dining room. Measure from the table to the nearest surface, wall or other furniture – allow at least 32 inches to allow people to sit and stand comfortably without feeling too limited. Chairs close to working surfaces such as kitchen islands should have more room so another person can pass behind these chairs. Place chairs around the table. An 84-inch table seats 10 people comfortably, allowing nine people to easily seat.

Round tables accommodate larger numbers of people lighter than square or rectangular tables because there are no corners to restrict motion. Try this setup with your family and see if it suits your needs. Take the chairs and place the curved benches around the table. This will allow greater flexibility as suggested by “Extremis” furniture play “Cosmos”. This piece has two swivel benches around a round table. Try this with your family and if it does not suit you, go back to the individual chairs.

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Tips and warnings

Most tables cater for even numbers. Nine people at an Ashley furniture kitchen tables are not common. To avoid chance, incompatible chair at a table made for eight, consider a bigger table. If you have to go for a rectangular table, buy one for at least eight people, and consider benches to accommodate the group without affecting the aesthetics of your kitchen dining room. Make sure there is enough space around the table and chairs to avoid tripping or other accidents.

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