12 Fabulous Kitchen Island Furniture

Mar 15th

Kitchen island furniture – Some with plaque, faucet and lots of storage space. Others, with breakfast bar. Of more than two meters or one scarce. There are as many islands as kitchens. Here you will find 12 and all fabulous. An island is a great dance partner for your kitchen. Of course, if you think well what function you will give and you make it really complementary. Do you want it to cook? As extra support? Or especially to eat? Here is a small guide that will help you choose the best option according to your needs. We started.

How do you go about space? You have a lot? Well that the island is generous because it will be able to serve you to cook in her, that is, to put the plate of cooking. And for this, between 210 and 250 cm in length is recommended. It allows you to place stoves, a table in which to prepare food, a trash can underneath and a water point. If your kitchen island furniture has stoves, a hood to ceiling or over-counter will allow you to see the clearest space

If you do not go over meters, think something: could you prepare food well on your island? For this you would need a water point and space on both sides of the sink to place the products, cut them, and after washing, leave them on a piece of clean countertop. If not, think of an island as a point of support and preparation of foods that do not require water because, but, you will go from one side to another of the kitchen, dirtying the soil. A narrow, elongated piece can be perfect kitchen island furniture. If the piece is office furniture recovered like this table, it will give a personal touch to your kitchen and, you see, it is not necessary that it is the same as the rest of the furniture so that it looks nice.

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