12 Coolest IKEA Home Office Furniture

Mar 2nd

IKEA home office furniture – it is necessary to recognize that the majority of offices in which every day we enter to work are more than boring by not saying “gray”, and that we spent a few hours sitting. In this case, we make conscience review to the bosses to present the ten coolest offices of the moment. Ten spaces and offices with an innovative design for offices, where working, at least in the eyes of the worker … is a pleasure! We all know the definition of office but we have to start thinking that paper and the typical photo of a physical work space is changing, is increasingly flexible and needs other features, technology and facilities to better fulfill its functionality.

The designer  Alexander Fehre  presented a  minimalist ikea home office furniture with a single floor apartment of an old industrial building in the city of Schorndorf, on the outskirts of Stuttgart, combining a modern decoration of minimalist and modular furniture with a fluted roof and floor of wood. The concept of space simplicity and efficiency is perfectly matched .Since the architect designer Peldon Rose has designed a new space that highlights the distribution of offices for charity Friends of the Earth based in London. Including vertical gardens for indoor! An eclectic design where the combination of styles, colors and furniture with an industrial touch manages to link a harmony of elements.

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We can see the façade of the wall adequately decorated with vegetation (See also and some chairs stand out as separator modules. If we look at the photos well we can always get good ideas to apply to our work to make it more Cool. Workspace optimization and employee well-being were the order of the day at the architecture and interior design firm of Selex ES, such as Sketch Studios, known for providing modern solutions through furniture and quality materials. They reformed ikea home office furniture in Southampton highlighting the industrial style of the area with touches of futurists. A range of grays and reds well combined!

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