Soul Aside is a rock band formed in 2010 and based in Barcelona. Influenced by many musical styles and bands such as A Perfect Circle, Porcupine tree, Oceansize or Explosions in the sky, Sigur Rós and Deftones, the band has developed its own sound around rich and personal compositions.

Songs reflecting their concrete life perception and showing variety of textures, sound landscapes and emotions which help to determine the conceptual direction and musical expression of Soul Aside.

In 2013 the band released its first EP Soul Aside a self-produced six-track album. In February 2015, Soul Aside recorded Canvas its debut album at Ultramarinos Costa Brava with the prestigious producer Santi Garcia (Jeremy Enigk, Madee, Toundra, …). This debut album is available on Soul Aside’s bandcamp.

Soul Aside is currently working on its second album.


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